Sunday, 29 May 2011

Research information: bands and venues

About me:
I worked as a volunteer at a small venue (350 people) for six years, doing anything from pouring beer to bouncing to being a stage manager, and have also worked at all the largest festivals in Norway. I've worked with anything from bands who're holding their first gig to legends who've played for 30+ years

* Being a Professional Musician for Dummies (a rant)
* All In a Day's Work (what does an artist liason ("bandansvarlig") do)
* My favourite stories (working as a bouncer)
* DJ in a bar
* Let there be LIGHT! (the very little I know about stage lights)

* Rock 'N' Roll Legends (legends and stories about rock musicians)
* Tour Life (about touring, how it affects a band and what really happens)
* The Worst Five Minutes
* TM, M, PA and the big M (tour managers, ordinary managers, personal assistants)
* Pay to play? Requests? How do you get gigs?
* Fun with riders (about riders, how they look and how much a venue cares about it)

* Things I never thought working at festivals would teach me

(Note: I will not tell who I have or have not worked with, but I am more than happy to discuss all other aspects of this wonderfully strange world. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!)

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