Monday, 1 November 1999

Timmy - NaNoWriMo

Core Commands:
!startwar <duration> <time to start> <an optional name> - Starts a word war
!listwars - I will tell you about the wars currently in progress.
!boxodoom <difficulty> <duration> - Difficulty is easy/average/hard, duration in minutes.
!eggtimer <time> - I will send you a message after <time> minutes.
!credits - Details of my creators, and where to find my source code.

Chain Story Commands:
!chaininfo - General info about the current status of my novel.
!chainlast - The last paragraph of my novel, so you have something to base the next one one.
!chainnew <paragraph> - Provide the next paragraph of my great cyberspace novel!

Challenge Commands:
!challenge - Request a challenge
!challenge <challenge> - Add a challenge
!challengefor <name> - Challenge someone else
!challengefor <name> <challenge> - Challenge someone else, and store it for approval

Amusement Commands:
!get <anything> - I will fetch you whatever you like.
!getfor <someone> <anything> - I will give someone whatever you like.
!eightball <your question> - I can tell you (with some degree of inaccuracy) how likely something is.
!foof - pillow
!defenestrate - window
!summon - summons
!fridge - fridges someone
!woot - cheers. Hurray!
!creeper - BOOM