Monday, 1 January 2001

Let there be LIGHT!

A very short dictionary over terms and ideas related to stage lights.

Moving heads (no: moving heads)
Also known as intelligent light, moving heads are programmable lights that can change colour, project different light patterns and move around on stage during a concert. They can also be used as strobe lights.

Nerds (no: nerder)
Light engineers are known in the business for being the biggest nerds around. Some of the light has to be programmed in Linux to work.

Par cans (no: parka)
Regular, non-moveable lamps with different coloured filters. Used to set the scene. Some bands have preferences when it comes to colours, others couldn't care less and the only instruction is "make us look cool".

Smoke machine (no: røykmaskin)
Two kinds: smoke machines and fog machines. The latter costs more, remains longer on the stage and lies lower, while smoke machines disappear quickly off the stage, but spreads through the stage.

Strobe lights (no: strober)
Lights that flicker in different tempos. Can trigger epileptic fits. Unfortunately many light engineers think they "look cool".

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