Thursday, 3 March 2011

Radiomanuskript - Musikk og lyd

Music cues:

FADE IN (begin playing the music and fade up the volume gradually)
FADE OUT (cut the volume gradually)
FADE UNDER (cut the volume once the actors begin to speak)
UNDER (let the music play under whatever the next cues are--sound effects or dialogue)
DUCK UNDER (fade slightly when someone begins speaking, but continue playing)
ESTABLISH (let the cue play a bit before any other sound begins)
QUIETLY IN B.G. (let this cue play quietly in the background)
CUT ABRUPTLY (often with a particular line of dialogue cited for when to cut)
CROSSFADE (fade one music (or other cue) in while fading another cue out)
SELF-FADING (indicating that the cue will fade itself out)
LET IT FINISH (play this cue in its entirety. Don't fade it out)
PLAY THROUGH AND OUT (this is the same as LET IT FINISH)

Dialogue cues:
(ENTERING/EXITING) - Moving towards or away from the microphone--often speaking louder or softer.
(RUNNING, RUNNING IN ) - Running into a scene (out of breath)
(FADING IN, FADING OUT) - Bringing the volume up or down--either via a volume control or entering/exiting.
(TO SAM, TO ALL) - Speaking to a particular character when several are in a scene.
(DISTANT, OFF MIC) - The actor steps back from the mic to sound like he's farther away.
(CALLS OUT, SCREAMS) - The actor raises his mouth to shout or scream to the ceiling.
[CUE] - Wait until music or SFX have been established or reached a certain point. Possibly, wait for director's cue before you begin.

Linker: (lyd cuene er kopiert direkte fra denne siden)

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